CrowdRouter - A Developer framework for architecting tasks and workflows to the crowd

16 February 2016
By Sahar Jambi
Category: Software Engineering

Mario Barrenechea, a PhD student studying under Ken Anderson, is investigating new techniques for designing and developing crowdwork systems during disaster response. As the focal point for his dissertation, Mario has constructed a new tool called the Crowdrouter that provides a familiar object-oriented abstraction for crowdsourcing. Using WorkFlows and Tasks as first-class entities, developers can design their crowd-based workflows at a versatile level of abstraction that can provide several benefits:

  • WorkFlow Pipelining: Tasks can be strung together in a workflow to handle redirects, preventing in-the-middle requests so that order of task executions is preserved.

  • User Authentication & Black/Whitelisting: Developer-defined functionality to authenticate users can be placed at the level of crowd-routing, workflow, or task.

  • Crowd Statistics: The CrowdRouter instance you declare will be in charge of collecting task counts for GET and POST requests at the level of Task and WorkFlow.

More information can be found here .